Pegasus Funding

Finding new marketing routes to build authority and awareness for a finance broker targeting both local and international businesses.

The challenge

Prior to our work with Pegasus, the majority of its marketing was via email only and reliance was placed on word of mouth from a strong network of advisors.

In order to take the business to the next level, we needed to explore new routes to the market, enabling the firm to reach both local and UK-wide leads and make connections with a broader selection of businesses.

Another challenge was in making business finance, a complex and potentially disengaging topic, accessible to those who may have little prior knowledge of it. We needed to demonstrate what Pegasus could achieve, explain the vast expertise within the company in a way that enterprises seeking funding could understand and recognise in relation to their own finance obstacles.

Asides from enabling Pegasus to generate new leads and increase awareness of its services, there was also a need to focus on marketing to existing customers. As a broker, not a provider, Pegasus found that clients could sometimes forget the products they already had in place or where they had originally sought advice. Due to this, it was essential that Pegasus’s marketing approach kept the firm at the forefront of existing customers’ minds as well as generating new leads and appealing to new connections.

Our approach

To expand Pegasus’s reach, we decided to introduce several new marketing channels to support its email campaigns, including the use of social, blogging and other content. This allowed us to increase reach and tap into new ways to target leads. It also gave Pegasus additional tools to maintain relationships with its existing clients, offering value via social posts appearing directly on their own social feeds.

We also created a new website, placing an SEO focus on the multiple services that Pegasus can provide. By doing this, we could showcase the firm’s expertise across multiple routes to funding, helping customers to find the solution they need, as well as allowing the site to target staple keywords and phrases within the finance industry. This further allowed the reach of Pegasus to grow, improving its ranking through organic search.

To address the complexity within Pegasus’ proposition, we devised a content plan that focused on creating helpful, valuable advice that could be understood by the masses. Utilising blogs, guides and whitepapers, we focused on topics that could be helpful to a variety of business types, encompassing issues such as the common financial barriers businesses face, how to improve cash flow and the various schemes available. Each of these was written in a way that could be universally understood while continuing to promote expertise, removing the commonly held belief that finance is hard to understand.

Blogs and whitepapers were also repurposed as social posts, and in a weekly email newsletter, which could capture the attention of new and existing leads. These channels also provided commentary on industry topics around various business and finance news stories, with the aim of highlighting Pegasus as a knowledge hub for those who need it.

We also improved the Pegasus branding, creating a professional, cohesive identity across web, social, email and offline channels. Visuals were also incorporated across these channels to illustrate a sense of aspiration, to underpin the message that Pegasus has the expertise and connections to enable businesses to achieve their goals.

The ongoing marketing efforts put into place by the OlsenMetrix team have allowed us to grow the reach of Pegasus, both locally and across the country. We have been able to attract new leads and turn them into clients – moreover, we have been able to keep our existing leads interested and ensure we remain in their memory long after they’ve sought our advice.

Richard Olsen, Director – Pegasus Funding

Impact & Value

Following the launch of Pegasus’s new website and marketing strategy, web users increased by 35%, with sessions also increasing by a quarter.

The SEO focus on the website resulted in improving organic search, with the number of new users coming to the site from search engines increasing by 38%.

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