Opportunity Peterborough

Attracting investment into Peterborough through an extensive outdoor media campaign in London and Peterborough.

The challenge

Opportunity Peterborough needed to raise the profile of the city of Peterborough as an area for inward investment as well as raise awareness of Peterborough’s communities and opportunities for growth. The secondary goal was to show that Opportunity Peterborough was taking action.

This meant that any campaign needed to ensure visibility of Peterborough, capture attention and resonate in the minds of those coming into contact with it.

The campaign also needed to be seen by those with the potential to invest, meaning it needed to be placed on appropriate channels to reach them and generate leads toward Opportunity Peterborough.

Placing Peterborough on the right pedestal was key to showcasing the reasons why investment in the city was a good choice, city while maintaining its favourable reputation.

Our approach

In order to ensure visibility for Opportunity Peterborough, we created a three-month marketing campaign that focused on placing Peterborough in front of the commuters and key stakeholders.

We designed a series of billboards and posters built around a key device. These graphics placed the focus on Peterborough, using imagery of the city to highlight the opportunities available and promote the desire to visit. We also ensured our design was impactful, making the best use of colour and branding to effectively grab the attention of anyone passing.

With distribution of our artwork, we carefully selected strategic locations where we knew high visibility and footfall would be achieved. We placed billboards and posters in busy locations across London, such as a London King’s Cross and around the Piccadilly underground entrance and exit. A billboard was also placed at Peterborough train station, ensuring awareness for commuters in both directions.

We selected OlsenMetrix as they were able to deliver our requirements within a very short time window and have a background in the delivery of high-profile programmes. To date, we have received numerous positive responses to our activities in London and we look forward to the generation of enquiries attributable to this campaign.

Neil Darwin, Chief Executive – Opportunity Peterborough

Impact & Value

As a direct result of the campaign, we generated enquiries with both investors and business leaders. This led to both Nando’s and Wagamama opening outlets within Peterborough’s city centre, as well as anecdotal evidence from local business leaders who were pleased by the efforts to promote Peterborough to a larger audience.

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