Junction 17

Making a voice of expertise stand out in the competitive used-car market with a strategy based around providing an educational resource for customers.

The challenge

Used car dealership Junction 17 came to us seeking a refreshed marketing strategy to help it grow and attract new customers.

Given the fiercely competitive nature of its sector, both with other dealers and with the many alternative options for buying a car, the marketing strategy needed to raise Junction 17’s profile ahead of its competitors as well as target the right audience.

The business already had a social media presence, but a new strategy needed to encompass the other marketing channels available in order to maximise results and achieve growth.

In addition to marking apart Junction 17 from its competitors, it was important to provide education and information to its audience. With a large proportion of its customers being those new to buying a used car and having little knowledge, providing valuable content that could help them find the right car and increase their confidence was seen as key for guiding customers towards a purchase decision.

This educational style of content was also seen as important for encouraging people to buy a used car from a dealer, as opposed to selecting a new car or using a private seller, helping to grow Junction 17’s market. We needed to ensure the marketing strategy could deliver this informative content, in a way that was engaging and accessible for the wider audience, while helping Junction 17 to create new leads and increase custom.

Our approach

We created an inbound strategy for Junction 17, which focused on attracting new leads by providing valuable content as a way of educating customers and guiding them towards a purchasing decision.

The first step was to redesign and optimise Junction 17’s website, ensuring a customer focus was in place on every page. Call to actions were used across the site to constantly encourage visitors to take the next step in their consideration journey, from finding out additional information to the ultimate goal of contacting the Junction 17 team.

A new advice section was also added to the website, with the aim of being the go-to area for anyone looking to find out more about purchasing a used car. To support the advice section, we created a content strategy that focused on covering all the conceivable topics associated with car buying. This content strategy was implemented in three stages: blogs, offering a high-level answer to various questions and topics; downloadable guides that offered a detailed, ins and outs look at key topics; and pillar pages, which tied all the content together with the aim of providing additional clarity and SEO benefit.

By including downloadable guides within our content plans, we were able to provide an exclusive offer for users who would then be prepared to provide their contact details and agree to further engagement. This enabled a genuine value-exchange between the business and its customers, with customers having access to in-depth knowledge and the business having a database of leads to convert into sales. The content was also channelled into organic and paid social posts to support the company’s existing activity, providing a wealth of information on social feeds.

The content strategy also allowed Junction 17 to become an industry authority, by tackling a number of key questions based on careful buyer persona research to establish the needs of its different target customers. This not only promoted the SEO of the website to help build awareness, but also allowed Junction 17 to position itself as an expert that wants to help customers as well as sell to them.

With the help of OlsenMetrix, we were able to deliver value to our customers and answer their questions on car buying. This played a fundamental part in increasing trust within our target market, and promoting us an experts in used car dealing.

Leonie Bacon, Director Owner – Junction 17

Impact & Value

Junction 17 increased its reach, with paid social posts regularly reaching 2000 clicks and above. Facebook page likes also increased month on month.

Page views, new users and average session time also increased following the launch of the new website.

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