Not sure where to start with Twitter?

Twitter is a great social media platform that businesses can use to reach their target audiences and beyond.

For those who are unfamiliar with the platform, it allows users to post micro-blogs of only 280 characters to other users who have “followed them”.

Twitter is therefore great for news snippets, updates and commentary on current affairs. However, businesses are continuing to learn how to best utilise the platform and some are even taking up the advertising opportunities they have on offer.

But, if your budget is restricted and you’re not as clued up as you should be, there is no need to jump the gun.

Getting the basics right of how to grow your audience for free and knowing what content you should be posting is more important.

So, if you are a newbie to Twitter, or whether you just need a refresh on the important actions to consider taking, here are some tips you should follow:

Follow the right people

A great way to grow your following is to follow users who are the most likely to be interested in your page. Figure out who your audience is and what they are interested in. Then you can start following people within those online communities.

You can also follow influential figures within your industry to keep updated with what they are discussing with their audience if you are stuck for ideas.

There is no harm in getting inspired from what others are doing if it is working.

Be present

You need to be posting frequently on Twitter if you want to see any engagement from your audience.

If you have a personal Twitter account, you will already know how crowded the timeline is and how hard it can be to stand out from the other posts.

However, Twitter provides you with analytics about your tweets that can give you a clearer understanding of when best to post. This is based on how much engagement you have seen from specific tweets previosuly. So try to stick to this time frame if possible.

Engage in conversations

Twitter is not the platform to SELL-SELL-SELL. It is much more of a conversational platform.

The platform is well known for being a hub of hot topics with world leaders and high-profile celebrities commenting on current affairs.

There will always be something going on in your industry that you can comment on. You can ‘quote’ a tweet (share another user’s tweet) adding your own thoughts and feeling on the issue. It is good for your audience to see that you are keeping up-to-date with current affairs and are knowledgeable in your particular industry, establishing you as an authority over your competitors.

But how do you find these conversations in the first place?

Find your keywords

The search bar is your friend. Type in relevant topics or keywords into the search bar and see what appears. Twitter will show you the latest tweets that include those keywords and also suggest users that you might want to follow.

By doing this you might come across other hashtags that you can start using for your tweets so that users searching for those terms will discover you.

And, on a more general note, there might be some relevant content trending that your business could get involved in. It’s all about making the right choices that are connected to your content and messages. Just try not to confuse your audience by talking about things that aren’t relevant.

Get to the point

The Twitter character limit is there for a reason. The platform was originally intended to allow users to share brief snippets of their thoughts and feelings to their following.

Although Twitter recently doubled the character limit for each tweet, the 280 character limit still does’t give much freedom to go into as much detail as you can on other platforms. So, as a business, you need to make sure that your tweet reads well because you still want to come across as professional, even if you are restricted.

Keep it snappy, keep it simple and make sure you leave room for your hashtags.


A quick refresh is always useful; especially when it comes to social media.

Remember, Twitter is not the platform to push your sales messages out – your audience will soon get fed up of being force fed a sales pitch every day.

The key to success on this platform is to keep posting frequently, but most importantly, to make sure that you are providing content that your audience is actually interested in.

Happy tweeting!

If you need any further information on how to manage your Twitter account, give OlsenMetrix a call.