Sales strategy

 Five key questions

  1. Are your business sales and/or sales team operating at optimum performance – and if not, what turnover increase do you believe could be achieved if they were?
  2. Could you put your hand on your company’s current sales strategy document?
  3. Do you have a clear sales pipeline to forecast from?
  4. Is your sales funnel optimised?
  5. Do you know exactly what your new prospects, existing, dormant and lost customers would say about your business performance in relation to their ever-evolving customer proposition?


At OlsenMetrix, our sales strategy consultancy services range from facilitating the creation of a high-performance strategic plan right through to leading complete sales transformations in order to support successful business growth. Our experts are highly experienced in working with managing directors and CEOs who may not have their team in place as well as working with – or acting as – sales directors to deliver a structured, disciplined, focussed, motivated and high-performing sales team.

To learn more about how our consultants – who have delivered sales performance increases of up to 1,000 per cent in one year – can support you, contact us.