IGTV is here

It has arrived!

The app that’s created much anticipation and excitement in the social media-sphere.

Instagram has finally launched the Instagram TV app (IGTV).

Want to know what it’s all about and how you can start using it for your business today? Here’s a breakdown…

What is it?

Instagram TV is set to take on YouTube by offering users the chance to upload videos that can be up to an hour long – a big move as, previously, the limit was 60 seconds.

At the launch of IGTV, Instagram co-founder and CEO, Kevin Systrom, highlighted some key statistics about how teens are watching video. They are watching 40 per cent less TV than they used to and 60 per cent more video on Instagram.

Instagram wanted to create an app that allows users to see the content from the people they are actually interested in too – rather than suggesting new, and often irrelevant, creators to them. IGTV prioritises the user content you already like.

The app has been designed to be ‘mobile-first’ which makes sense as more of us are viewing video content on our mobile phones. The videos are portrait orientation rather than typical landscape orientation making it much simpler to view the videos too. Users won’t have the struggle of having to rotate the screen (hoorah!)

You are also likely to find videos with imperfections and real-time content for authenticity rather than a polished video you would find on YouTube.

Here’s what it looks like:

Here is what Instagram TV looks like

Instagram TV users Lily Pebbles, stardak, fleurdeforce, shot from the street.

As you can see – it’s a super simple layout that is easy to use.

Check out this video of the IGTV launch as it explains the decisions that were made about IGTV and what their thoughts were behind it. 

Where is it?

Instagram TV can be found on the existing Instagram app at the top (make sure you have the latest version of the app). But IGTV also comes as a standalone app too.

What’s better, is that you can also upload videos to IGTV from a desktop as well as a mobile phone, where previously you could only upload via a mobile phone.

Who can use it?

The Instagram TV app can be used by any Instagram user.

To post a video to IGTV, the user must create a channel and they are good to go.

Instagram creators, users with a large following, and those who are verified, can post videos up to an hour long while other users are restricted to 10 minutes.

Although other users are restricted, it is still a large leap from the original limit of 60 seconds.

Why should you use it?

Another social media platform is always exciting to explore. It helps keep things fresh from a marketing perspective, engages our audiences and keeps them coming back for more.  

If you want to know what content works on IGTV, have a look at what the large, popular creators on the platform are doing to grab some ideas, hints and tips. They are always leading the way with new formats to try out and content ideas that you can take inspiration from.

Just like any other social media platform, you should have a look at this platform and figure out whether it is suited to your business/industry or not.

It may be that IGTV is much more suited to your business than the original Instagram platform. Images are engaging, but not as much as video content. There is more opportunity to film content like fun tutorials to show off your product or take users on a virtual tour of a shop or factory – the possibilities are endless!

YouTube has been dominating the video content space for a long time. Perhaps it’s time for a new ‘top-dog’.

Do you have the app yet? Are you considering using this new platform for your business? Give us a call if you need any advice on what content you can start creating for your business on IGTV.