Content still rules when it comes to effective digital marketing. And, while the OlsenMetrix team works in the content marketing milieu on a daily basis, we recognise that there is always room for improvement. After all, if we stop learning and keeping up with what’s new, we stagnate – don’t we?

There are plenty of ways to improve your content marketing. Here are our top five.

1) Use effective content – the three most effective content types, according to the CMI, are; case studies, social media posts (excluding video) and white papers/eBooks. This content tends to be distributed via email, social media platforms and blogs.

2) Be creative – powerful storytelling, excellent writing, robust design and high-quality video are all-important when it comes to being creative with your content.

3) Be consistent – it’s not all about being frequent – the adage ‘quality over quantity’ rings true. Rather it is about regularity and be consistent with it.

4) Manage expectations – expectations will vary from organisation to organisation, but be aware of things that can affect the outcome of your content marketing. These could include, target audience, existing content on your subject matter (how is your content different?), and your internal resources.

Other elements to consider when setting and managing expectations around your content marketing approach include your strategy, types of content, how much content is produced, distribution, and the length of time required to drive traffic as well as the purpose. Is it to build subscribers, generate leads, or grow revenue?

5) Be strategic – research shows that marketers who document their strategy achieve more overall content marketing success than those who don’t. So, if you don’t have one it’s time to develop one. And keep revisiting it to ensure that it’s fresh and fit for purpose.

Above all, good content marketing will require buy in and commitment from the top down in your organisation and from your marketers. Perhaps that goes without saying but don’t just take my word for it; have a look at this research from the Content Management Institute.

And when you are ready to commit to your content marketing, call us and we will help you with strategy, planning, scheduling and production.