We already know that social media is an effective way to market your overall business.

But it can be successful for one-off promotions too, especially if you have an upcoming event to shout about.

Events are the perfect opportunity to create an exciting experience for your audience, producing great content to encourage as many people as possible to come.

Social media is a great tool for this. And it’s free.

Here are some handy tips for getting the most out of promoting your event on social media.


The pre-event hype

Choose your platforms – Inevitably, some are more suited to event promotion than others. Facebook and Twitter are a must for B2C events but don’t restrict yourself, Instagram and Snapchat are hot on their heels and could really help you during the event. For B2B events, LinkedIn is the place to be.

A winning hashtag – This may seem like a minor detail, but will pay dividends online. Go for simplicity and something relevant to future events too. The easier it is to type out, the more likely they are to use it. And hashtags are great for getting involved and joining a conversation, with the added benefit that they’re measurable – especially on Twitter.

Create an event – Use Facebook to set-up an actual event that people can join and when they say they’re ‘interested’ in it. It will show on their friends’ timelines too, giving you a greater reach. And, if you’re looking to grow your attendees organically try encouraging users to invite their friends to the event as well.

Keep your audience updated – Be sure to build excitement with regular updates about the event. Highlight features such as any special guests coming along, activities not to be missed or promotions to take advantage of. Inform your audience of anything that is relevant to them and make them feel involved to encourage interaction. Don’t forget a good call to action at every opportunity.

Run a competition – Engaging your attendees before the event is a must and a competition or giveaway is a great way to do this; everyone loves a freebie. The additional exposure may also encourage other people to buy tickets too. Here are some ideas for social media competitions .


The main event buzz

Update, update, update – We really can’t emphasise enough the need to keep your feeds brimming with fresh and inspiring content. With an event in full swing, you can report on what’s happening, when and where! And make sure you maximise the opportunity to include text, photos and videos – encouraging people to share everything!

User-generated content – Keep abreast of posts that people are writing about your event and be sure to share some of them on your event or company page too. It’s a give and take situation. People like to see their content shared and will often return the favour when you post.

Go live – With a little pre-planning, this is an amazing and fun way to achieve engagement. Take people on a live tour and try to bag a few impromptu interviews (choose your participants carefully). According to Facebook Live, users are 10 times more likely to comment when the footage is live; it’s worth giving it a go.

Go crazy with your content – What better an opportunity to take great photos, shoot interesting videos and gather relevant insights. Share your content in ‘real time’ for immediate responses, but make sure you save some for after-show posting too. Spot the opportunity and seize the moment.


The after-party

Follow-up – A big thank you goes a long way. After all, you didn’t make the event a success all on your own. A social media post, an email and coverage in a newsletter will keep the conversation live and the momentum in full swing - you might be calling on these people for your next event.

Measure your results – Knowing what content worked and what didn’t will help to inform your approach for future events. And once you have a few in the bag, it’s always good to compare success across events to get an indication of key influencers, whether it be seasonal, audience profile or geographic location.

Don’t let good content go to waste – Create a professional corporate video to share with your audience. Or perhaps a blog from industry leaders at your event. Either way, make the most of the content you’ve gathered because, as they say, there’s more than one way to skin a cat.


Social media has the potential to make any event a success and increase your ROI. It’s all about what you post, to who and when. And although there’s no denying it can be a time-consuming task, it’s worth its weight in gold as a cost-effective marketing channel that has the scope to reach millions of people.

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