5 reasons you need your digital marketing agency during COVID-19

The gut response to a sudden economic shock is to cut spending, hunker down and recalibrate. But hiding from a problem seldom makes it go away, and rash decisions are rarely good ones.

Many companies look to marketing and PR as the first areas to pull back on. They see these functions as non-core to their operational activities.

Search behaviour around COVID-19 and the content that is winning

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed our lives in many ways – especially when it comes to how customers and businesses communicate with one another. With customers unable to interact with companies in a conventional way, their focus has shifted online and their search behaviour has changed, and this includes the way they search for the products and information they need.

How to prepare your company for a post-coronavirus 'business bounce back' – a 9-step guide

The COVID-19 pandemic is first and foremost a human tragedy, with hundreds of thousands of lives lost and massive disruption to people's daily lives. It serves as a stark reminder of just how vulnerable we are, and how ill-prepared we were ahead of the outbreak.

It is also having a terrifying impact on the economy, with many firms going out of business and others struggling to survive. 

How to generate positive news for your business during COVID-19 lockdown

During these days of uncertainty, with many people understandably fearful, it’s vital to carry on marketing your business so that it’s well placed to bounce back when the coronavirus crisis has passed. The strategy you adopt and the tone you strike are all important. Any external communication during these unprecedented times – when many people are ill, and many are dying – has to be done with tact, empathy and mindful marketing.

7 tips on how to communicate with customers during the coronavirus crisis

Businesses small and large are grappling to get to terms with how they should behave during the COVID-19 pandemic. Getting to grips with the operational side of your business is the number one priority. A clear communications strategy – for your workforce, customers, investors and other stakeholders – is vital to help businesses to keep functioning at an operational level during the crisis and to ensure that they are able to quickly bounce back when the pandemic passes.

5 content marketing myths - and how to dispel them

What is a myth?

Quite simply, a myth is a story about a widely held belief which is false, a deliberate misrepresentation of the truth or an exaggerated or idealised conception of something. 

We’ve all heard about Theseus and the Minotaur, Jason and the Argonauts and the tales of brave Ulysses. They are all myths. 

The importance of the buyer’s journey on creating relevant content

The buyer’s journey is a process which customers go through when purchasing a product or service. It is important to engage customers at each stage to help move them along the journey, from initial awareness to making a purchase.

Customers’ needs change as they move through the buyer’s journey. But how do you consistently attract new customers whilst also building credibility and trust to maintain a longer-term relationship?

Buyer personas: gathering the information you need (a quick guide)

Buyer personas are, simply, fictional representations of your customers. You may not see them as that important – they’re not real people after all. But the value they can add to your marketing planning makes them an important part of your team.

Eventing online, darling!

We already know that social media is an effective way to market your overall business.

But it can be successful for one-off promotions too, especially if you have an upcoming event to shout about.

Events are the perfect opportunity to create an exciting experience for your audience, producing great content to encourage as many people as possible to come.

Social media is a great tool for this. And it’s free.


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