Marketing leads are coming home

Bringing the marketing leads home

The chances are that you, along with the rest of the country, are now fully immersed in England’s World Cup journey. The light bulb has switched on and you’ve started to take notice. You know when the next game is and who they’re playing. You’ve pencilled Sunday’s final into your diary and you’ve even considered buying a piece (just one) of memorabilia.

The hype has won. They’ve pulled you in and you’ve been converted.

The power of food (or millennials)

Are you keeping up with the millennials?

We can’t live without it, but we can (and are) dictating how we live with it. Food is the ultimate goal for all species – according to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Yet, we are constantly looking for new ways to make it, shop for it and consume it. 

Two brands (or supermarkets) are better than one?

As if the birth of Prince Louis wasn’t enough headline news for one month, Sainsbury’s and Asda creep in at the eleventh hour with details of a surprise merger between the two supermarkets. They are, respectively, the second and third largest supermarkets in the UK meaning a new retail super-giant is in the making.

The impeccable timing of a rabbit

Jumping on the bunny bandwagon

116 years after he first came to life, Peter Rabbit has made the perfect marketing reappearance.  Loved by children for generations, this mischievous little bunny has finally become the star of his own movie, guaranteeing that a whole new generation of children will rediscover the incredible story-telling of Beatrix Potter.

Pop-up and say hello to new business

Could a pop-up shop improve your customer's engagement?

With L'Oreal offering a pop-up at this year’s Paris Fashion Week, the trend for pop-up outlets looks set to continue in 2018.  Their innovative concept is designed to give people the chance to recreate the runaway hairstyles from the catwalk, right there, on point.

Small marketing budgets can go a long way

Marketing options for SMEs.

Small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) are often described as the backbone of the UK economy.  An SME typically employs less than 250 people and there were 5.4 million of these in the UK in 2016, accounting for 99% of all businesses.  Small as they may be, their turnover contribution is significant, they are one of the biggest creators of employment opportunities and they are key drivers of innovation, competition and growth.

Networking, learning, searching and… gin!

The lucky winner of our gin hamper at the Peterborough B2B Expo

Last week, we dusted off our best branded t-shirts and headed off to the Peterborough B2B Expo for the day. Held at the Kingsgate Conference Centre, for the third year running, we attended what is billed as the biggest networking event in the area.

Trust is easy…the more you know, the more you trust

It’s no secret that for a brand to have any chance of success it needs to market itself.  It needs to put itself out there and create a connection with its audience.  A brand must understand who its audience is and be clear on the benefits it is providing to them.  For years people have consciously made connections with brands because the brand has attracted them.  They like what they see and they turn to the brand for reassurance on price and quality.

Everyone loves a freebie – but do they generate a quick-win or long-term loyalty?

Free Stuff

One of the most rewarding marketing successes for a brand is to achieve customer loyalty. Customers have found you, they love what you do, they tell other people about you and they come back to you time and time again. Nirvana.  


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