Virtually impossible?

Is it time to start using VR?

Technological advances never fail to amaze me. But virtual reality (VR) – and its ability to transform customer engagement – is a whole new level.

There was much excitement in the office this week when a trade magazine we often receive arrived showcasing augmented reality (AR). By simply scanning a code on the magazine, with a smart device, a video news round-up of the magazine contents played.

It’s a clucking disaster…

KFC are having chicken troubles

If you’re a fan of some fried chicken from ‘the colonel’ once in a while, then you may have heard about KFC’s recent debacle.

KFC customers, around the country, were met with signs on the door of their local KFC restaurants apologising because they had to close.

Tweeting basics

Not sure where to start with Twitter?

Twitter is a great social media platform that businesses can use to reach their target audiences and beyond.

For those who are unfamiliar with the platform, it allows users to post micro-blogs of only 280 characters to other users who have “followed them”.

Facebook, it is a-changing… Again!

Will this Facebook change affect your business?

Promoting your business is a necessity. Even those who don’t know where to start, or particularly like doing it, appreciate that it is a necessary evil.

In times gone by, it was an expensive outlay as well. Traditional channels such as TV advertising, newspapers, direct mail and telemarketing all required an investment of many hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds.

And then the digital world took over.

Haven’t got this year’s social media plan ready yet? Fear not.

Have you got a 2018 Social Media plan?

The new year has begun and it’s time to start putting your business plans into action - including your social media plan.  This can be a daunting task, especially if you are unsure about where to begin or are unfamiliar with the social media platforms available to you.

But, if you are looking to revamp and refresh your social media content for 2018, then a planning session is a great place to start.

Double the fun

How can you make the most out of increased twitter chacracters

Twitter increased its tweet character limit last week, doubling its original 140 character restriction. It means all users can now create a post that is 280 characters long.

As a general user of Twitter, the appeal of this platform comes from knowing, because of the character limit, that you won’t be confronted with any essay-like rants that you can often stumble upon on other platforms like Facebook.

Social media influencers - what’s the big deal?

An increasing number of businesses are working with Social Media Influencers

I have been watching YouTube for a while now, following various people who share my interests.

It was great entertainment because I was watching someone I believed to be authentic. And any product reviews they did, I found to be trustworthy.

It was some time before I started to notice that my favourite creators were advertising on their channel, being paid to talk about a brand’s latest products.

Making your Instagram account stand out

Setting up an Instagram account

Are you stuck in a rut with your business’ Instagram account?

When scanning your images, perhaps you notice that, while there’s nothing that seems to be ‘bad’, it just doesn’t look very exciting.

At OlsenMetrix, we regularly undertake a full review of our social media content, platforms and opportunities to make sure we’re taking full advantage of the features the various platforms offer.

Is this airline’s reputation up in the air?

Have you heard the news about Ryanair?

Good old Ryanair has been in the news again… and not for a good reason either.

The dust seems to have (just about) settled after it cancelled more than 2,000 flights, affecting 315,000 passengers, thanks to a mix-up over its pilots’ holiday rota.

What’s the next exciting trend?

Social media platforms are constantly evolving to retain their users’ interest. They have to.

And, as someone who manages social media accounts, I know it can be difficult to keep up with the latest features that a platform has added, let alone how to take advantage of them and implement them into your strategy.


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