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What I learnt in Movember…

As I sit here, three weeks into Movember, male colleagues stroking their hairy top lips in a menacing Bond villain sort of way, looking at the unopened bottle of Irish gin on my desk (a special purchase by a colleague – I don’t just have random bottles of alcohol on my desk, I promise), I can’t help but think about the whole fundraising ‘thing’.  In fact – I can’t help but think how surrounded by it we are.

Double the fun

How can you make the most out of increased twitter chacracters

Twitter increased its tweet character limit last week, doubling its original 140 character restriction. It means all users can now create a post that is 280 characters long.

As a general user of Twitter, the appeal of this platform comes from knowing, because of the character limit, that you won’t be confronted with any essay-like rants that you can often stumble upon on other platforms like Facebook.

Is it just me, or has networking become a bit naff?

What do you think of networking?

The sheer mention of the word networking and I shudder. 

I am transported to a stuffy conference room in some non-descript location with bleary eyed, sleep deprived people who shove their business cards in your face, whilst holding a one-way conversation, where all you can focus on is their overwhelming coffee breath.

Small marketing budgets can go a long way

Is it worth doing it yourself?

Small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) are often described as the backbone of the UK economy.  An SME typically employs less than 250 people and there were 5.4 million of these in the UK in 2016, accounting for 99% of all businesses.  Small as they may be, their turnover contribution is significant, they are one of the biggest creators of employment opportunities and they are key drivers of innovation, competition and growth.