Is digital advertising in crisis?

According to a recent article on the BBC, digital advertising is in crisis.

Advertising fraud is prevalent, and many ads are never seen by their intended audience. Add to that the threat to the internet’s fundamental business model by the increasing use of sophisticated ad blocking software and you have a ‘perfect storm’ – which could end up in all of us internet users paying for content.

Social media marketing trends I’m loving

The top social media trends happening rights now

If you are a fellow social media lover, then you will have noticed brands using social media a lot more frequently for marketing purposes.

There are some key social media marketing trends that are well worth the attention they receive.

Here is a breakdown of a few of my favourites, with tips on how to use them for your business.


Two brands (or supermarkets) are better than one?

As if the birth of Prince Louis wasn’t enough headline news for one month, Sainsbury’s and Asda creep in at the eleventh hour with details of a surprise merger between the two supermarkets. They are, respectively, the second and third largest supermarkets in the UK meaning a new retail super-giant is in the making.