September 2017 blog posts

It’s no secret that for a brand to have any chance of success it needs to market itself.  It needs to put itself out there and create a connection with its audience.  A brand must understand...

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Social media platforms are constantly evolving to retain their users’ interest. They have to.

And, as someone who manages social media accounts, I know it can be difficult to keep up...

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Used Car Salesman

Sales. Yuck. That dirty word. The word we all seem to have become terrified of.

“Little Johnny, what would you like to be when you grow up?”


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Someone writing

Let’s jump straight in. There is a ‘holy trinity’ of importance when it comes to website copywriting:

  • Attract website visitors

  • Engage them...

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Free Stuff

One of the most rewarding marketing successes for a brand is to achieve customer loyalty. Customers have found you, they love what you do, they tell other people about you and they...

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Child adventurer

Treasure hunting is loved by children as it promises adventure and comes with the thrill of finding a mystery item at the end, however mundane this object turns out to be – it’...

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So, the UK economy is broken. Tell me something I don’t already know.

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby has called for radical economic reform as the gap between...

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Social Networking Meeting

Blogging is a well-established media for consumers who turn to their favourite writers for news, advice, inspiration or information on a topic or theme. But do...

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