August 2017 blog posts

Price vs Value

Every potential customer – whether you sell to companies or consumers – is looking for ‘value’. The role of marketing is to deliver it.

We take this 'marketing value'...

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Creative team

The festival season is well and truly in full swing. In the UK, there is a vast number of festivals to suit just about every cultural taste. There are rock, classical, blues and...

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It’s been an entire decade since the world found a use for that funny symbol on the computer keyboard.

It’s been around for centuries and has gone by a fair number names to boot. Hash....

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If you’re like me and like to indulge in a little online retail therapy once in a while then you can relate to this problem I have.

After already spending too much money on a clothing...

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The essence of good marketing is to provide customers with what they want at a profitable price which they are willing to pay. A great deal of market research aims to find out what customers...

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Businessman solving mathematical equation

Recently, I was drawn to a discussion on LinkedIn about the amount of time colleagues spend on content creation versus...

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Running track

I keep putting off joining a gym out of fear of the unknown (and possibly lack of motivation).

I know I should be exercising, but quite honestly, I don’t really know what I...

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Turning back the clock

What is the worst crisis you can imagine as far as your business is concerned? What are the contents of the phone call that you really never want to receive?


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