I find it exasperating (amongst other things – many other things – and specifically relating to human behaviour). We shall soon wish to be robots since, as humans, we are prone to making a mistake or two. Whether it’s not quite understanding something correctly or not following protocol, and therefore making ourselves sitting ducks, culpable for blame when error happens or tragedy strikes.

Well, there is the ‘blamed’ and then there are those who ‘blame’… habitually.












When I was young, if I tripped over a raised paving slab in the pathway, it was my own fault for not looking where I was going.  And I accepted that, because I wasn’t looking down, I was looking elsewhere.  Fortunately, there were no broken bones.  Nowadays, I could probably sue the local council for whom the responsibility for the maintenance of the pavement lay.  The council is to blame, it didn’t remove the risk. It failed to notice the risk. Fail – fail – fail.

Today, blame culture is so out of control, that it has fostered a culture of career criminals thriving on the ‘where there is blame there’s a claim’ mentality – otherwise known as insurance fraud.

A common example of this would be those individuals or groups that purposely crash their car into the back of another so that they can claim on insurance (forcing premiums to rise – a consequence for everybody to deal with). And never mind the physical well-being and financial disposition of the innocent victim driver! Sadly, wherever there is an easy way to acquire money, you can be sure that it will be exploited by the few, and to the financial detriment and physical danger of the many – directly and indirectly.

Collectively these people, and others who find smaller areas to exploit the law, are generating enough lawsuits to keep the public (and private) sector burdened by paperwork administration and financial costs for years. Public services are distracted from more important matters and public funds are being indirectly misappropriated by default. Who wins?

I guess another timely example of a blameful layer cake would be Grenfell. Fridge starts fire.  Do we blame the fridge manufacturer? Or do we blame the fire service for not putting it out properly?  Or do we blame the resident of the flat in question for waiting too long before informing the neighbours? Or do we blame the building management company for not retrospectively installing sprinklers?

Fire spreads quickly up the building… Do we blame the person who specified the cladding? Do we blame the building regulations? Do we witch-hunt the company that supplied and fitted the cladding?

The Labour party moans at the conservatives for cutting the Fire Service’s budget and skimping on social housing. The Conservatives moan that the Labour party left them in such a poor state financially that they were forced to implement austere measures across all public services.  Who wins?

Aside from the lawyers of course.