Beaumont Healthcare

Beaumont Healthcare provides services ranging from daily wellbeing check calls through to high dependency palliative care. It has rigorous procedures to prevent carers exploiting their positions of trust – but things can still sometimes go wrong. Sensational media coverage could not only damage Beaumont’s corporate reputation. It could also needlessly worry a lot of vulnerable people.

We helped Beaumont to assess the damage which the media could do and put a strategy in place to limit it. We worked through a series of ‘what if?’ scenarios with Beaumont and developed a strategy to deal with each of them. We meticulously planned media statements to cover every likely eventuality.

When an incident did occur, our media monitoring service ensured that any coverage was found quickly and responded to accordingly. We set up a fully-briefed response team to deal with enquiries, providing the right information to make sure that Beaumont’s “side of the story” was heard. The media coverage was minimal.


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